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A Channeled Message from the Plant Collective

Today’s INspiring message:

By calling in Source and your Spiritual Support to help with clearing and renewal, you can have a deep restorative sleep every night, beginning anew every morning and in a higher energetic space.


A Channeled Message from the Plant Collective:



As an easier level of multidimensional communication is reached, the Plant Collective wanted to send us a channeled message of wisdom and hope. 

This is an exciting new gift we can expect throughout the Ascension Process. 




In ‘New Earth School Vision’:


Receive Energies of Paradise Earth to support you in focusing on the New Light and your Creations/Service to the planet

The old and the New behind the veil

New Earth, future schools

One of the reasons why some children are so restless

Future methods of schooling

Changes in the Starseed Mission

Children need Nature and more

New Earth Humans

The Bird and Lion People in Ancient Earth

Speculating one of the things the pyramids were grounding

The people who still remain in our lives

The Shamballans reveal more of Lemurian History

Part of the Lemurians wanted to experience one thing while the rest chose something else

The role of Planetary Guardians

How to merge the ‘dream’ realities to this one

Pleiadian technology in their homes and ships… ~ Continue reading


Each one of us is the SOULution on this planet.


💖 Love, Bliss, & Miracles!


✰ Marta  



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