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Creator Beings need to Create ~ Channeling powerful Energy

As Creator Beings, the Heart-Centered HUmanity receives a type of Energy that is always flowing into their beautiful Souls. That Energy needs to be consciously channeled so it doesn’t harm or destroy the wilder of such power or those around her/him… 


In the video, learn how to Create consciously and make Creative Energy work for you, instead of causing havoc in your life.



The Omniverse work in spirals and what we Create returns to us amplified, over and over, and that’s why we are the ones who benefit the most from the Love we give, while the same could be applied to the harm we infringe. This has been forgotten or mistaken by punishment because we forgot Universal Laws.


Sensitivity is not a weakness, but a sign of an Advanced/Older Soul. These people and beings are extremely powerful and one of the reasons is because they constantly receive Creative Energy, which when channeled right can shift their lives as well as the planet and bring so much Bliss to said Creator of Blessings.


In this higher dimension of existence, these people with a strong connection to their Soul and Source must live responsibly, knowing that they didn’t come here to be unconscious or indulge, but to accomplish their Missions, with Joy, Creativity, and Abundance.




Insectoid Extraterrestrials are environmental masters ~ New Cosmic Story


More uplifting multidimensional news: we are getting more support.

Let’s take an exciting peak on another world and these people’s journey to our solar system.


💖 Love, Bliss, & Miracles!


✰ Marta  



🍂 MeWe



⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ~ Remember other worlds and realms, opening up to your highest probabilities and miracles. I bring to Earth energies that never been here before through my Cosmic Journeys and Visions. ⭐ Vegan Animal Ambassador | Healer | Rescuer

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