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Ascension Update

It is important to understand when things are too difficult or the resistance too great that it may be that it is not the time for something, that we are being kept safe, or that the thing is not even aligned with our path at all. ~ Excerpt from the Scrolls


💖 Love, Bliss, & Miracles!


With every new moment having the potential for collective and individual shifts, staying in a high frequency and in Mission is important or one may be ‘washed’ away. As predicted a few years ago, when this became the world of the Heart-Centered, we see more and more of what that means in physical form.

Isn’t this interesting, the world we once knew, basically, no longer exists.



In the new ‘Energy Update: A high frequency is crucial now and onward’, learn about important points for a higher frequency as we demystify the many beliefs around it, as well as what Love really is + how to unlock it – a secret I never found anywhere for it had yet to be discovered. It is also the crucial key for immutable Self Love, Courage, Confidence, and all Christ (Consciousness) Values to be acquired and maintained.


In ‘Ascension: feeling off center, what just left the planet & more’:


The new great exodus was about Starseeds ‘leaving’ 

Understand what is happening behind the veil

More Light can enter 

A review of the dismantling artificial system

What are the sudden visions and feeling of happier times that have been arriving out of nowhere

How to see the end of the story

Many are graduating from Earth

Why some (not all) Star Nations are holding back their Ascension

Having two perspectives at once while witnessing what just left Earth

Visiting a lower dimension

One of the reasons behind the strong earthquake in Japan

Connecting the dots on the strong Earthquake and planetary alignments

No longer the same world

Calling our Energy

The path of descending Souls

When HUmanity turned, the Divine intervened

Remembering the Great Plan

Why some Light Bearers sacrificed their life

How to tap into the New Era

Whatever Starseeds went through, there was a higher reason

Not all Starseeds are here because of a Mission. Revelations of the reason why some came

The Star Nations could not sweep the dust under the rug anymore

The infected are malfunctioning

Downloading or suddenly Knowing information from the Collective Consciousness

The Heart-Centered knows the Great Plan

One more reason why Earth was so ‘dark’ uncovered

The sacrifice of Creator Level Beings and other short Cosmic Stories/Truths

No need to fear ‘losing’ anything

How the system was infecting people

How to be in the flow and afloat

The ‘tsunami’ Vision

Why our Purpose is essential

Why many Spiritual People lived in poverty

Being prepared rather than tested

Declarations and spells

What is ingrained in language, grammar, etc, and the solution: how to perceive Information

What ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’ really are and transmuting them

Starseeds and their ‘disabilities’, the higher meaning

The ribbon ‘Vision’ or technique

A method to shift your reality every morning

Fallen Lightworkers

Some difficult news showing what is going on with the collective ~from the Starseed Journal

Going within to see what is really going on

Read ‘Ascension: feeling off center, what just left the planet & more



When important shifts are reached but they are too short to make it to a Scroll, they will be posted on Facebook.



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✰ Marta  


⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ~ Remember other worlds and realms, opening up to your highest probabilities and miracles. I bring to Earth energies that never been here before through my Cosmic Journeys and Visions. ⭐ Vegan Animal Ambassador | Healer | Rescuer

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