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Dreams are showing the way, encouraging us to evolve into higher forms of what we were

As my fourth dream comes true, there are things about making our Visions a reality that I’d like to share.

The first one was the Christed Virtue of Courage. I identified with feeling fear all the time and I believed I was a coward, that courageous people did not feel fear, which is not true. 

I first wished for this dream around 4 or 5 years old and it came true when I was 13.

But the important thing was the journey, even more than the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, which is the reward, the Vision that we dreamed.


I was ecstatic for almost a month when I felt like I was hit by lightning again as my blueprint showed me the next direction in my life path. But before that happened, I had many clues showing my Life Purpose. The hints were always there but once I found my Courage, suddenly I had a much higher perspective of the suffering around me and what I could do for those who haven’t found their Courage yet. In my wounded state, I started defending my peers from racism, and bullying. 

This ‘solution’ came from a wounded state, however, because I resonated with the pain out there and couldn’t stand seeing others going through it. So I intervened, cancelling other kids’ sovereignty and free will. 


Every HUman is Divine and capable of figuring out their path, as well as saving their own selves. 


We usually just need Truth and real information. 


No one needs to save another. But in my trauma, I resonated with the pain in the world and always had to intervene, not knowing that this obsession meant that I had to heal the original inner pain, and not to fix the world. 


We must find the root cause of why we do or feel the way we do by knowing ourselves and diving deep. Only then we can best Serve the world.


In a high frequency of peace, calm, and the zero-point, we can shine like Beacons and show the way to others. When we identify and drown in the pain, and sacrifice ourselves for others, we end up helping no one. Just like how we are guided to put on our own oxygen mask first before helping others if a plane goes down, we can’t help the planet without healthy boundaries and focus on our different Missions as a priority.


In time, the Life Purpose changes shape and form, as we learn and grow because we ARE our Missions. The more we heal and Harmonize ourselves, the better we can Serve the planet and the multiverse.


Volunteers came here for one reason only: their Mission, and usually they couldn’t catch a break. 


As soon as I was forever changed, knowing that dreams come true, and that the impossible do not exist, I was hit with the next Dream at 14 years old.

I wanted to become the Vision of a future self and when I came back ‘down’ I became aware of how far from self-Love I was. And then I realized how very few females (girls and women) really Loved themselves. I was aware of the oppression on the Divine Feminine since I was little because I felt compressed and judged, but when I realized what it did to us all, I mourned for a long period. I raged too.


As we add Energy to our dream, by returning to it, dreaming, and journaling about it, it becomes palpable, and I started to study the world through the lens of self-Love. I looked for it everywhere and also within.

First, I found what self-Love wasn’t and that all Christed Virtues must grow in the soil of Love. I observed and mistook self-Love for many things, such as vanity, or that we get it through affirmations (working only on mental and not on holistic levels of all of our being), by focusing only on our qualities, and many misconceptions the mainstream spreads. 

Just like with Courage, when I wondered if it meant aggression, being loud, or whatever distorted form Courage seems to appear in 3D. This happened mostly because I didn’t know how to express myself, so I had a polarized, exaggerated view, and thought that Courage was the opposite of what I was.

Courage, Love or self-Love, Peace, Wisdom, and all Virtues – which are the core of our Dreams – can only be born from a truly Loving (harmless, benevolent, Service to others) Heart, otherwise it’s always a lower and distorted form of the Virtue.


The journey is not straight and it was actually after much dissociation, always being available to help everyone, being taken advantage of, and attacked, and after hunger and near homelessness that I found real Love, which doesn’t come from a man, a social group, career, validation, by becoming something ‘more’, or anything external. If we don’t Love ourselves, we will carry it to friendships and relationships of all kinds and no one can make it better from the outside.


One of the greatest secrets to self-Love that I’ve found that I never heard talked about anywhere, is that to Love ourselves, truly, we also must Love all. That either Love is blocked or flowing. When we can’t find something in the world, it may be that we are the ones meant to bring it into physicalization.


Real Love knows no boundaries, imaginary lines on a map, race, or species. And that’s why self-Love is not that common, because as a species we have been suppressed and indoctrinated to close our Heart, which stops Life Force flow and the connection with our Soul. When that happens, we have ‘depression’, dis-ease, and become easily controlled by prevalent energies. We all came here, yes, for fun, to learn, to rest, to experience, but especially, to make this world better. And we all do so in different ways and no Mission is better than another.


May you be at peace and always blessed. You are so Loved,


🌠 Marta Sasai



✨ Open up to all Possibilities and Miracles in Source Frequency ⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ⭐ Vegan Animal Healer ⭐ #Ascension First Wave #Starseed #Lightworker

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