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Star Nations, Ascension Update, judgment clearing & new tool

Every Soul is so important at this time and forever, as each is infinitely Loved and protected. There is nothing that you need to do or become to be ‘worthy’ ~ Source


Over the years, I remembered this eternal truth that became distorted as we entered the artificial matrix for our Volunteer Mission.

We were indoctrinated to believe in many unworthiness and insecurity generating thought forms and Energetic Blocks, especially Females. The more thought forms we carry, the denser and more polarized we get.

A sovereign life starts when we clear all beliefs – ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – which are all lenses that stop us from seeing the Truth.


There are no beliefs, religions, or systems in neutral and non-polarized higher realms or densities.

In polarity, there is always suffering.

Systems need to be fed by fuel as they are artificial things, created by non-Beings that are not HUmans. 


HUmans are Sacred and one of the greatest hopes for the Omniverse. We were dreamed into Being long ago. Our potential is miraculous.

The belief that HUmans are the plague of this planet came from the things that do not like us and it’s absolutely not true. 

There are tons of Advanced Souls in HUman form in Service, Leading, INspiring, Teaching, and making this world better everyday. They are the ones we must support as we turn away from the rest.

There is so much Beauty and Love, but we must Be of the same frequency to perceive it.

We have been the fuel to the artificial systems, our very Energy, thinking, our Sacred Imagination, and even our tears – our suffering, as well as the Animals’, and we don’t have to. There are infinite alternative ways of living that guarantee that our Soul and Light remains incorrupt, and Creating these new Ways have been the first Mission of many Starseeds. 


The bridges to the higher realms already exist.


Each Human, however, must cross it on their own, as we are called to come of age, with no saviors or enablers, as we are sovereign, free, and capable. It is another reason why ETs don’t come and save us from the results of our own choices.

I’ve been honored to observe healed star civilizations that live in equality, where they don’t even know what judgment is.


Judgment and barriers can be cleared inside of each one of us, the ones who want to have Love flowing within freely. We can stop judgment on its track because it’s such a distorted Energetic Pattern that it had to be Created and re-Created, as well as we had to believe in it again and again, so the deepest separation and individuality could even be experienced. I tracked back it’s origin and found it was one of the reasons why many religions were Created.


When we drop judgment, we realize that the other person, animal, or Soul is more alike ourselves than we can perceive at first.


When the advanced or healed Star People see us, they can’t even perceive our ‘differences’ because they are non-polarized and non-judgmental. From their point of view, everyone on Earth is so alike, they immediately recognize not only that we were born on the same planet, but really, the same star system, because they perceive us on a Soul and Energetic level first.

I share these higher perspectives, not so ETs are worshipped for no one is better than us, but so we can choose to come ‘back down’ into our Human levels with an expanded Consciousness and Frequency.




Some of us have been sleeping more than usual, and it may be because we have been helping behind the veil. 

We are not all at the same stage of the Ascension Process or Consciousness Levels, and that’s why others may be experiencing different phases. 

If that is your case and you’ve been sleepy, don’t be hard on yourself and let the body tell you what it needs.




A series of treatments by the many Beings I work with started coming through and I went through this Multidimensional Retreat for sometime now and it’s been Harmonizing and renewing. 

I co-Created this tool with Source and a host of Light Beings (The Arcturians, The Lyrans, The Shambalans, and The Aquatic Beings) and it’s available at the store called ‘Energy Harmonizing Tool’. I AM delighted to share it with you. 

It is a very quick dive into your multidimensional levels so you can reset everyday or a few times a week.


Thank you for keeping Lightworkers going.





In the ‘Ascension Update ~ More Changes’ we will go through a journey into dreams, behind the veil, as well as physical changes that are uplifting and INspiring to know, as the dismantling spreads at the physical level. 

I was ecstatic and relieved to find out about them and then strived to return to balance. However, this period is quite a wild ride so we should be kind to ourselves as it has not been so easy to be completely centered. 

Inward focus reinforces our shield and it leads to a thriving Inner Universe. 

A focus on the outside world and what needs to crumble weakens our psyche, feeling bodies, and Energy. 

Paradoxically, the same way that the lower dimensions are clearing, on the inner level we carry the potential to quantum jump at this time.


May we all not be dragged by the cleansing waves but ride with them – sovereign and Lovingly, to Self and All – for the highest outcome for our planet.


We may be called to sleep and rest more so our Human levels sort of move out of the way a bit so we can receive the New Light.


It is important that those Leading HUmanity keep the higher focus, and the Heart at centered, zero-point level so as not to be overwhelmed by outside information. 

Those who reached a level of Ascendency into the Peace of Paradise Earth can hold the forth as many focus on the crumbling, which can pull one down into the lower dimensions.


There is higher guidance for this time, and more.

I AM delighted by the changes, after a long time of disquiet and just waiting for the answers to reveal themselves (from within and directly from the Source). 


A good practice for this time is to stay empowered from within, rather than being too overwhelmed by outside information.



Love and calm,


🌟 Marta Sasai


⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ~ Remember other worlds and realms, opening up to your highest probabilities and miracles. I bring to Earth energies that never been here before through my Cosmic Journeys and Visions. ⭐ Vegan Animal Ambassador | Healer | Rescuer

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