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Find out what what your priorities are and what your Soul is leading you towards

At every new Ascension step, we reach new levels that have their own frequencies and rules that are slightly different from the one below. Each new Energetic Space has a limit that can be seen as the floor and the roof.

While experiencing that space, you have the highest that you can go and the lowest inside of that bubble or room.


To follow the limited lower or ego self is to allow chaos and suffering, while listening to the Soul leads to Ascendency, healing, and into our Life Purpose. No matter what challenges we encounter, that is meant for our growth, but there is no suffering in the dimensions of Service. 

This is so true that one of the best healing methods for ‘depression’ is volunteer work or Service to Others. 

There are advanced civilizations out there whose way of being is completely based on Service. They reached such a paradisiac state that they went on to travel the stars and even came to help us here, for Service is Love in action and how we get in the flow of the Universe. The more that we give, the more of the same we have for ourselves as well. Multiplied.


With this technique, you will learn how to read what your Soul is trying to lead you towards.




In the video, I teach you how to let your Soul show you the way by finding your priorities. We will talk about your kryptonite, as well as personal sharings to help you along. Overcoming who you thought you were will lead you into infinite possibilities:


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In ‘Dodging 5G and other attempts’ I open my Lightworker journal to share a process I went through last year and the great lessons that came through the experience. 

Be reminded of Universal Laws and ways that you can choose, vote, as well as Create your reality.

If there are any entanglements or tough problems you are having difficulties with, these tools and reminders will help you to navigate them now and in the future.


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