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How to keep your Energy with you

In the video, let’s talk about ways that our Energy gets siphoned, my experience as a sensitive Empath, and remembering your Birthrights that are backed up by Universal Laws:



Periodically call back all of your Energy. No need for anyone else to do this for you. We forgot that we have all the power that we need to be sovereign. It needs, however, to come from a place that you know that you are capable and powerful. That may take practice.


Remove drama and gently let go of people who are ungrateful, take you for granted, or leaves you drained, etc, even if you cannot see how they are doing it on a mental or physical level. Some experienced Energy vampires do things behind the veil so in the visible realms they look empowered and whole while in the REAL behind the scenes/Energetic Levels they are devoid of Light. Their physical and Energetic possessions came from someone else. Also, check their Heart-levels. If you are a giving and Loving person, you have the right to only be surrounded by those like you.


Don’t participate in any systems that are not of Love. When buying or choosing things, make sure that the people and brand behind them are Humanitarian, Vegan, and Environmentally Friendly, because whatever and whoever we support means that we are Energetically in CONSENT with what they are practicing. And as we resonate in the same frequencies of our choices, we allow these Energies into our bodies and lives/realities. We are voting yes and saying ok to their practices, diminishing our Light, Joy, and etc if they vibrate below Love (harmlessness, the highest good). That’s how they got most Souls on Earth to compromise their Light: they’ve put a storefront and claimed to be doing something while behind the scenes there may be unhappy employees, unethical practices, animals being killed or in suffering, or they may be destroying our home.

Most of Humanity’s so-called ‘depression’ comes from the Innocent part of us that can feel what each other do, what animals are going through, or we can feel the suffering of the planet. If we are in Service and Harmonize our Energy enough so we are whole again, however, we are not overtaken by the collective Energies anymore.


Be mindful of what you consume, making sure they are nourishing Vegan (trauma, fear-free) foods, clean water, that you are reading, watching,  listening to, and surrounding yourself with supportive people and high vibration only.

I quit the ‘news’ in 2002 and still spent years detoxing from their fear frequencies, misinformation, and ads. Whatever I really need to know (real news) always reaches me, effortlessly, all these years, because there is something called synchronicity which means that everything that is truly ours can be magnetized towards our direction.


Let go of environments, habits, thoughts, and anything that is making you feel uncomfortable. It may be that you are vibrating higher, so your Soul is wanting to spread Her wings. When it’s not possible for us to change where we are, then we can plan the practical steps to get there.

No one has power over us or can hold us back, it’s always up to us to find the Solution in any situation, with calm and Presence.


Learn to say no and Create healthy boundaries by Loving yourself fully. People’s reactions and opinions have nothing to do with you and it’s only showing what they are inside. Keep to your own path and don’t let emotional blackmails, drama, or ‘ought-to’ stop you from Creating your ideal life. You have the Birthright to live as you wish, harmlessly.


Harming other Souls is the most damaging act to our Light, our well-being, and our path. Contemplating on our day’s actions, what can be uplifted, and how we can best Serve keep us in integrity, courage, confidence, mostly INspired – making sure we continue to be a source of Light.


Reaching higher levels of authenticity also helps us to shine brighter. When we follow others or imitate them, we ‘shrink’ our Energy and may develop insecurities. Notice when you are expecting permission or validation, breathe and clear it, and then step ahead as your True Self. You will slowly clear judgment (energetic block) within that we all carried at one point.


Give back. If someone was generous with you, give back eventually, even if what they did was ‘only’ to INspire you, wrote an article, gave away their music, helpful teachings, even if it wasn’t a physical product and not just to charity organizations. We also want to feel what is wonderful and uplifting, not just focus on ending this and that problem, but back up the Solution Bringers. In fact, this world can do with buying and consuming way less but is starving for INspiration, beauty, and wonder. By receiving from others without giving back, we put ourselves in Energetic debt.


Every month, no matter how little, I always donate to wonderful Angels who helped me in any small or big way, and I am always taken care of, somehow, even when I went through hunger or was afraid to become homeless. I’ve always received miraculous help when I most needed for practicing this Universal Law.


May you be fully sovereign and whole, always.


Love, Bliss, Miracles, and Magic!


✰ Marta 


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