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How to stop charging energetic blocks with your emotions

When we agreed to Volunteer to help with Gaia’s Ascension, we took on many generational and societal patterns.
That lowered our Consciousness and Frequency (or shrunk our Energy) so we could see things from the perspective of the lower dimensions. And then we were to climb back up the dimensions, remembering everything so we could ‘unshrink’ or expand.

The Energetic Blocks acquired (before we were even born) are constantly charged by our emotional reactions to it, or when we live from that identity, believing we are those patterns, i.e: that we ARE the scarcity, inferiority complex, shame, guilt, trauma, or fear that we feel inside. The more we feel into them without releasing them, the more they grow.

In the video, I open up about the patterns I overcame so you can recognize your own and I teach you how to discharge them:





Breathe through them but don’t act from them.

Develop self-awareness so you can slowly have your Soul to be in charge, not the wounded self, which is not even the true you but a collection of wounds and scars acquired on old Earth, because at times it has been a war, especially for Darkworkers.

Begin the practice of meditation and relaxation. By developing Inner Vision, you can scan your own Energy and bring yourself into Harmony.

Witness your pain, wounds, or patterns without attaching new stories or emotions. Be as neutral as possible, as the Compassionate Witness. In that centered state, you ARE Source watching/washing over your wounds. The blocks are like ice blocks within you and your/Source’s awareness is like the heat that transforms it into vapor water, transmuting what was.

Express it. If you don’t have a safe enough person (trusted friend, etc, a term used by Pete Walker in ‘Complex PTSD – From surviving to thriving’), then you can talk about it by yourself, or journal about what you are feeling.

Make sure that the block or wound is not stuck. One important Energetic Law is that it will always amplify, that’s why we need to practice the awareness of our inner world.

Visualize a lake as your inner world, a planet, or whatever INspires you. Check-in with the image. If there are ripples in the lake, for example, Imagine it smoothed out so you can calm down. Using imagery is the quickest way to shift our Energy. It bypasses words and beliefs.

Taking care of your inner world is the pathway to permanent well-being.


Gratitude, and magic,



🌠 Marta Sasai




🌈 Thank you for helping the Animals and for keeping this Mission going


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