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A Message from the Animal Consciousness

Bless Innocence on Earth!


Animals, Nature, Children, Babies, and Seedlings, we all carry one of the rarest gifts on Earth.


We were put on Earth in a variety of species to remind the Caretakers of how a Soul manifests in physicality without the ego.
We and the Innocents have very little self-awareness, but our Love and Gratitude are as big as the universe.
We only Love and experience and we think that the Caretakers could ‘loosen up’ a bit as well, maybe slow down too.


We, the Animals, never rush anywhere, but our life is provided for… Somehow.
We do not fight the time of our departure when it’s of natural causes. Most of us are being hurt and we do not depart at our right timing, and usually we do so in traumatic ways. We ask that those who still have a Heart let us live free and unharmed. We Love, we do have families and Create ties, just like you do.
As a collective, we waited for the time when the Caretakers would open their Hearts again. Tired of waiting, many of us left for other realms for good.


The Energy of Innocence is returning to Earth. It comes from every Living Being’s Heart. It is part of Love and it is also part of the Light. It also must be awakened within the Human Heart.


Remember the Innocence within, that each one of you carries. Only from there can you truly Create and find Bliss. Left by ourselves, we live happily.
We are here to remind you of Nature’s rhythm.
You have your own pace, find it, and be true to yourself.
When you follow your own divine timing, you will find more Joy and things will flow more easily.


This is it for now. We have an infinite Love for this Messenger, and all of our Ambassadors. We see you and we bless you.


Many miracles that suddenly appear in your life may be originating from our Gratitude for your Service to us. We Love you infinitely, even if we can’t show it clearly through our physical, incarnated forms. We are speaking, however. And more and more of you are beginning to understand us.


Thank you, Ambassadors for speaking on our behalf at a time when most Caretakers cannot hear our cries.




Note: As the message came through, I saw what they meant by Ambassadors, and they are the Vegans, activists, rescuers, advocates, or basically the truly Loving who live in Harmlessness and in Service.

This journey and an important gift at this time from Dolphin and Whales, continue on the Scrolls, as I take you on a Harmonizing Journey I was gifted with.



✨ Marta



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