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The Solstice and The Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction

As Jupiter and Saturn align, an event that ushered the Renaissance ~ an increase in Ancient Souls/Creator level Beings on Earth ~ more than 300 years ago, Humanity’s trajectory towards Ascension solidified.
Now, their number increased and they’ve been living in the world, those of the Christ/Crystalline Consciousness (truly Loving, harmless, in Service) Creating & Dreaming the New Light into physicalization with their Presence alone. From the outside, Source’s incoming Light is taking care of the rest.

The frequencies of the planet have been rising and during this Solstice, the Sun will bring great Energies through the conjunction of two planets that will seem so aligned, they’ll almost merge as one from our point of view. It is magical, can you feel it?
This powerful alignment and the Sun Create a sort of corridor for the highest New Light that Gaia and Humans are ready to receive.

It is through our Awareness that Source can come when we are in a deep state of stillness. And it is through our neutral and balanced Focus that Source can re-write or transmute what was on the planet and within each Living Being, at every moment for we are Source.

Humanity forgot that we are the ones who Dream and Co-Create with Gaia, that we are the Guides and Carers of all Living Beings on this unique and beautiful planet.

We are everywhere, spread around the globe, holding the Dream, the infinite possibilities for Paradise Earth, and are called for the Service of going within now, for Self and All.
We are the ones who benefit from what we do and give first and the most, it is a Universal Law.

We are also been called to free all Animals for decades now since the grounding of the Vegan Solution, a Mission that has been attempted for long but that was diluted into the form of vegetarianism, which was all that could be received on a denser planet.

The signs of the Clarion Call are abundant, reminding all Souls/Fractals of Source to get into the Heart Path – the return to Innocence – something that I’ve been sharing for a while.

Go within in Peace, and stay in ZERO POINT during this time, receiving the highest that is available at this time.

Happy Solstice!

✡️ Marta


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