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The 12/12 Gateway

I see an upcoming zone or region that we will pass through that has the uttermost stillness, peace, and calming Energies.

Before and after this crossing is a period of needed support so we integrate what we receive.

I don’t know about you but I dove into such depths that I haven’t even functioned well since the 11/11. In times past, I went through similar passages by sleeping a lot, while participating very little in this plane, almost like I was pulled out of this dimension for upgrades. This time all was done while awake, which shows that many Volunteers are able to handle so much more now.

As things outside always link to what is going on within (and even in the Omniverse), there is a house reform RIGHT besides ours so not only many things are being renewed but also – if you observe how decades-old house are reformed – there is a lot of crumbling. There is also a lot of noise, something that just reminded me of 2015 when the underworld was being dismantled and you could actually hear it with the ‘inner ear’.

You see, the dismantling is now at a surface level, right in front of us, even for those like me who do not check the ‘news’ or want to know what is going on in the lower dimensions.

It is interesting to observe and connect the energetic dots.

At the same time, the neighbors moved and will stay away until the house is ready. We already do not have neighbors on our left, which has a sort of a ditch for rainwater (from where we rescued turtles that otherwise would have been buried alive), then a bamboo field, and beyond that, live the next neighbor. So I am understanding this will support even more expansion for me in the literal sense as there is more desertness, more emptiness around, at least for a while.

Opening to a higher perspective, I am just realizing that there is a lot of physical and energetic space everywhere for me: below, above, in the front, back, and sides. I never noticed that and wouldn’t have realized this is one of the minor ‘missions’, why I am here to expand and emanate as I embody more Source, as do so many Volunteer Lightworkers and Starseeds.

We are called to get into deeper levels of stillness, as the Solstice approaches but also the 12/12 that will lead us towards it. Be mindful that this is a time of choice like no other and this was why I decided to write, as I felt this Truth coming, especially for my own path. This is not just a date but the ushering of a whole new Era (which has been going on for a while but that I started feeling strongly since 2016), although many have been living from that future space for some time. The way that we lived this incarnation dictates from where we start on the New but anyone can shift a lot in little time, as time doesn’t actually exist. So much so that we can even shift the Energies of the past, which is a technique I plan to share. So try to balance in between the absolute stillness and calm with the Knowing that the Call for all Souls to get on the Heart Path is coming to an end. It’s not something we worry about but being present with our process is important.

Rest in the Knowing that you are being taken care of and that all is happening for the highest outcome for Humanity, the Animals, Earth, and all Souls (future, present, or behind the veil).

There is no need to wait for any ‘events’ or ‘dates’. It is important to LIVE from the New/Paradise Earth frequencies here and Now even if all that you can do at the moment is just to dream (as the body, brain, and all of our Energy may feel overwhelming or even disabled at times 😂). With a bit more practice, you are then able to Feel like that reality is already here. In time, you can EXPECT and ACT from that place as well.

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I Love you and thank you for your Presence on Earth. 

You are a very courageous Soul.


🌠 Marta


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