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The end of the Original Separation Technique ~ Open up to Possibilities and Miracles

I’ve recently received a visitation by the Star Family where they helped me with what can be called an ‘upgrade’.

Throughout our journey, ‘down’ into density, many energetic blocks, thought-forms (beliefs) got lodged in our Light bodies and energy so we could even experience the Separation. We came to believe that things are really outside of ourselves and that frequency makes it so.

Here is an introduction to the new cosmic technique where you will learn how to switch off this pattern, that continuously keep things outside of your reach.

🌠 One of the important things when Creating is our focus.


 ‘Focus on the solution to remove energy from the ‘problem’, which in turn will help you to change your habits.’ ~ The Lyrans.




To unblock the Abundance that we already ARE, we focus on giving Generously (to not generate debt), especially to those who helped us, and on what we are Grateful for while moving our Awareness away from scarcity.

To unblock the Health that we already ARE, we focus on Vegan and high vibe foods, moving away from the old death-based system where everything was designed to destroy our Soul.

To unblock the Self-Love that we already ARE, we focus on Loving ourselves, moving our awareness away from people, environments, habits, thoughts, or anything that denies that Truth.

We shift by breathing and choosing better at every moment the old programs (stale Energy) starts a loop.


The polarized illusion is the belief that we need to fight or engage with the undesired reality in any way.


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✡️ Marta


✨ Open up to all Possibilities and Miracles in Source Frequency ⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ⭐ Vegan Animal Healer ⭐ #Ascension First Wave #Starseed #Lightworker

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