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Ascension Update – The 11/11 Gateway

As I tap into this gateway, I see a swirling dark vortex. It’s not its true color but it is tinged with dark because it’s pulling lower energies and misCreations to it. I feel it’s sort of a cleaning up.
This gateway is not exactly on the 11/11 but around that time, meaning that we can feel it days before and after it has opened.
Going into stillness to release the old and the unused is a good daily practice.
Source is sounding the Last Call.
We need a lot of space to house the New.
Source is coming through.
Miracles and All Possibilities become more available if we tap into the New Light.
The old continues to bring dramatic backlashes for all to choose better if they wish, as everything amplifies.
Staying in polarity is not recommended but that we head towards the center, the calm, the eye of the storm.
Remember that storms clear the sky.
As I tap into a higher perspective, I can see that it’s almost like the energies of drama, the news, or ‘what’s going on’ is not even an option anymore, but as I drop perspectives, on a free-will planet, I can see that some will choose it anyway.
Like the message on staying too close to the explosion, shared by the Light and Winged Beings in the Scrolls.
I can see now that they were also reminding us of Energetic Laws as these messages usually continue to unfold over time.
At the same time, shake-offs are exactly what some may need to drop the old. We are always receiving what we need and all is well.
Surrendering is so many times, the best option. The planet Herself stopped for this Birth. When looking from a higher perspective, we can see that we are being taken care of to do our part, our inner work, to Be a Child again and dream the Miracles into Being.
This wouldn’t have been possible in an 8 to 5 pm routine. It was a way of life that was designed to do exactly that, having us ingrained in fear, shrinking our energy where we would forget we are Creators and obey some lower force.
HUmanity is rising. Love won. As it always does. In whatever realm or universe. By living from that Truth we eventually start seeing physical proofs of it.
Sometimes, a certain level of Love is prevented from manifesting for a particular experience Source Created but It will always return because It is the base for all things, all energies.
As in a Cosmic Story I’ll be sharing in the future, even a Universe that had no Love ended up opening a pathway to our side so those beings could finally know and return to It.
We lived through the lowest experience, where all darkness came to gather and where it will finally be integrated with the Light.
It was never about banishing the dark or polarizing ourselves into the Light but unifying both within and on our planet through LOVE.
Without Love, they couldn’t integrate and only this galactic and universal battle between them would continue. As Love/Source enters, we achieve the game over of Ascension, reaching the zero-point neutrality, and the start of a New Era.
See messages of ongoing ‘battles’, anything pulling you towards polarization or channelings with ‘Lord’ or important titles, or with superior/inferior type of language and energy for what they truly are.
They are calling you to fuel them.
Actually, be wary of anything that has a pull to it.
Behind the veil, they are really pulling strings.
Sovereign Beings from this side or from behind the veil under the Law of Oneness do not take Energy from other Beings. If you feel a pull – a temptation – it’s because there IS a pull.
Energy doesn’t lie.
How does it feel like?
Again, by returning to the Heart of a Child, many times, the answer is obvious because reading Energy is one of our innate talents. It is actually easy. Then, we were programmed to go against feelings and rationalize or excuse things that harm our Soul.
Many Volunteers are close to the zero-point state within themselves first, maybe going back and forth, maybe being there a good portion of the time, holding the possibility of a Paradise Earth from within.
The New Earth seed lies within Creator Beings returned, and we are it, the healed Heart-centered.
Without a Joyful and healed Heart, we can’t feel, think, IMAGINE miracles, and BE the Energy of the New, which is how we really Create, with more than just thoughts as believed in the new age and law of attraction systems.
True and pure Love is Harmless and that’s what New Earth is about, a beautiful unification and intimate connection to all Sentient Beings, in deep reverence for each other and Nature…*
… As life on Gaia was intended to Be.
And So It Is.
It Is done.
We are invited to live in that reality in this Now.
By projecting Energy into the future, it will always be there.
Make the Vision a present reality.
💚 Marta
© Marta Sasai 2020. All Rights Reserved.
*I’ll be sharing in a future Scroll a Vision of how the Earth People become Masters in the integration of darkness in the Omniverse and future timelines, as this was the ultimate school in that subject.

⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ~ Remember other worlds and realms, opening up to your highest probabilities and miracles. I bring to Earth energies that never been here before through my Cosmic Journeys and Visions. ⭐ Vegan Animal Ambassador | Healer | Rescuer

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