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Ascension Update – Gateway Preparation

This is linked to the upcoming blog on the 11/11 but I am being called to share some additional tips in this Now.

Dreams can help with many things: clearings, resolution of trauma, transmutation of energies, belief systems (we are supposed to live without these shackles), as well as to receive and integrate the New Light.

There has been many integration and resolution type of dreams during sleep and if we don’t get attached to them, creating more stories of the old Earth, the better.

I found that journaling them can release all of those emotions up and out of my fields.
Don’t suppress them. If they bring the nostalgia of a Human version you no longer are, stay in that feeling for as much as wished but the attaching to it is the problem for those who want to keep Ascending to their individual next levels.

Call in Source and your Spiritual Support to help with the clearing of any energetic blocks and command that you will receive the highest Light you are able to handle in each moment, as well as that you are BEcoming more Love, more of Source in incarnated form.
Always do it in the present tense, as there are traps in words, grammar and things like that so don’t project it into the future as it will always be there. Bring those commands, Visions, feelings, and Knowing It Is Done into the Now.

For example: if you are Co-Creating a free planet where we have all the time in the world to relax throughout the day – in your Imagination – then also feel and try to live that reality now. When you get out of that Paradise Earth frequency, breathe, and choose better. With practice, you’ll BEcome the Energy of the New. It will no longer be outside of yourself. You will become New Earth Itself, walking and breathing. That’s what getting back into alignment with what you want means.
The paradise frequency is coming from Creator Beings, not by ETs or incoming energies, they are just helping. The healed Heart-Centered in Mission are the ones Creating it. The ones keeping the Vision. They are called Dream Holders and New Earth is their priority and focus.

The 11/11 is not a gateway that will only open on that day but an event that goes on many days before and after. Its energies and blessings can be felt even earlier and after all is said and done, with integrations and metamorphosis still happening months after we even forget about it.

I’ve seen a Vision of a swirling vortex that will open around that time and that it will pull much of the old and diseased energies to it, and that’s why many of us are purging over time, even during Dreamtime, or sometimes shedding tears while awake.


If you are not crying, you are not doing anything wrong, however.

It is one of the quickest ways to release but facing very difficult emotions (energy blocks) and looking into our wounds also bring Source into it and in zero-point, everything is cleared as quickly and smoothly as possible.
There is actually no right or wrong way to do this.
Source is experiencing Ascension in trillions of ways, actually more than that.
Staying in our own Path makes this more Blissful and easy.

Breathe… The next thing should not bring fear but if it does, release it gently. It is just a heads up as Source is sounding the last call (related to the already shared Vision of the ‘Clarion Call’). And that is that holding on to patterns that are trying to be released (because Gaia’s frequencies keep rising) are causing backlashes. It can be literal pain in the body, unpleasant happenings ‘out there’ so we can look within, etc. It is not that something will happen, just that unnecessary suffering and problems may have its root causes now on what we are holding on to, and that, we can prevent.

Keep releasing or releasing even more if this message is for you. Just a bit everyday.

One indication that a block is ready for release is when the mood suddenly goes down a bit – or a lot, depending on our stage of healing and alignment (some are now healing themselves while others reached a level where they just need to get back into alignment and no big wounds exists anymore).

Return to Wonder by having the Heart of a child, that’s how we Create the New.




💚 Marta


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💖 Thank you for helping the Animals and for keeping this Mission going with your Heart support


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