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The Original Wound reset Meditation with the Lyrans

As shared in older Scrolls I was shown how wilder things would get after the Lion’s Gate but I didn’t imagine that the clearings and resolutions would intensify with very little time in between. It also feels like time sped up so this is the other layer to that as everything of the old collapses.

We are receiving a lot of help to clear and shift, so I was recently visited by the Lyran Family again. They brought with them a Cosmic Story related to all of us, all Fractals or Souls – the story of our beginning and why fear is so ingrained in our very energy, feelings, mind, and bodies.

Usually, my consciousness travels and is suddenly there, in another realm or universe where I ‘collect’ the energies and bring them back in the form of stories. Some wonderful people bring energies in other forms, like Light language, high dimensional art, music, etc.

This time, while doing the treatment on me, the Lyrans showed me a movie of our very beginning.

With the energies in this video, our hope is that you recover the original part of yourself that you left behind with the memory. This original wound when we all woke up in forgetfulness has been the cause for our fear, addictions, the root cause of suffering, and more.

Understand so you can open your Heart and mind first, and then go through the multidimensional therapy offered, in the form of a guided meditation.

The original ego needs to be gently but consistently transmuted because it is also a black hole within from where we can be controlled or our energy can be siphoned from.

Ego-based people can barely hold their tongues before lashing out or sometimes must express their beliefs and opinions no matter what. That is someone being controlled by their fear, pain, or outside forces. Sometimes it’s nothing sinister but just that the external energies are overwhelming to them, and these are the people who end up following the crowd.

The less ego someone has the more they can be still and sure inside their own energy, and these are the healed Lightworkers who can effectively stir this ship since we reconnected to the organic Universe.

Since then, the more ego we have, the more pain we are feeling. As mentioned in previous Scrolls, I had a prophetic dream of how the ego-centered would malfunction. I don’t know if the Lyrans are bringing us this Divine Reset because the time is arriving where we won’t be able to retain such a shadow identity within our energy any longer. But that’s usually how the Universe works, we receive the nudge to step up, heal ourselves, or align. We receive warnings, information, or news, then it’s up to each Soul to choose if they will evolve onto the next step or not. When we don’t go with the flow, there is pain or some form of crisis and that’s one of the reasons why we believed in punishment, which is not true. We always go through unnecessary suffering when we live outside of Universal Laws and the Flow.


If you allow, the energies in this video may help bring back parts of you that have been causing the void, emptiness, or loneliness within since the beginning of Separation. Breathe, open up and receive. It is usually not something you will notice consciously but over time.

Cosmic Stories are bringing parts of our energy we left outside of form on purpose so we could fall in Consciousness to inhabit physicality for our Missions on Earth:


The next audio video contains the Lyran’s Energy of reset. Using your Sacred Imagination, you’ll go through a therapy to clear as much fear/pain as possible at the moment.

We are rebooting for a New Era.

Suggestion: After the meditation process, vent and clear anything coming up through journaling, and integrate the understanding that may be pouring in because you opened up space. The more we empty out the old the more we are filled with brand new Light, which brings information, wisdom, and energetic ‘parts’ of ourselves.

Any questions related to the ego are welcome. The Lyrans and I would Love to help if we can.

Connecting with the Source within everyday will always bring back Peace, which is the Truth.


Love and magic,




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