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Our core Energy

Source is the ultimate artist. She/He Created all of us as completely different forms of Energies. Because of that, when we allow in other energies into our inner Universe or follow other people and agendas, we may lose sight of our Path and eventually, our own selves.

Not following our Hearts (which is a compass) is one of the greatest root causes of ‘depression’, grief, despondency, lack of energy, INspiration, and more.

In the video, we’ll talk about our core Energy and practices that can benefit you to get back on track with your blueprint and what you came here to BE and emanate, as the unique Energy that you are.

Update: Information about the planet where my Soul came from, Arcturian lineage and plant people somehow got into the video too so that may be fun. If I don’t focus, I can go on into thousands of stories and memories 😅
Love and Gratitude,

💚 Marta

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