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Blueprint activations

Often during afternoon meditations, I am back into a pure state of presence and wonder of a moment in childhood.

That sense of wonderment was lost as we grew and prepared for the Lightworker Mission, which was difficult and painful in a system that didn’t support the Heart-centered but that has crumbled.


The nostalgia of going back to moments like when you were watching a sunset at 8 years old may be an activation or you are receiving back parts of your energy. You remember the feeling so fully, it’s like you are that child again. We left a lot of ourselves behind so we could descend in consciousness and experience density. Then we do the journey in reverse, climbing back up. You can periodically call all of your energy back to you, not just because of the descension in consciousness but we also give our energy away to people and things when we are not fully aware throughout the day.


In the Ascension journey, we return to the pure state of our birth, activating the blueprint of who we truly are, and then move beyond that possibility, with Source merging with our lower selves through inner work, a life of Service, Love (harmlessness), kindness, forgiveness to All, and all Christed virtues.


These activations feel quite magical and it’s one of the very they are doing for us.


The Creator consciousness is to be in a state of wonder, welcoming all possibilities and miracles. Living life with an open Heart, in forgiveness, Love, and vulnerability (which doesn’t mean having no boundaries) can ensure easy flow.

If we can feel it, it already exists. We only have to go through the adventure to achieve the dream then.


Pay attention to those wonderful feelings to allow the process, as activations are non-linear and can’t be rationalized. Let them dance within and around you, as you lay down or sit, welcoming and giving them time. High vibrational music and journaling can assist.


Reserve time every day to be a child again. As Yeshua said, those are the Hearts who can enter New Earth, not because Source pick and judge but because those occupying their Hearts are a vibrational match.

Connecting with the Source within will always bring back Peace.


Love and Magic.

Breathe and receive.




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