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Welcome to the new blog!

After releasing my request for a SOULution for the end of my old blog, it took a few months (or Divine Timing) for the answer to come.

When it did, I didn’t find just one solution but many.
An even better option just arrived, yet again, and I am so happy to be moving all the writing to one single place. I literally heard it in my mind and now it seems that the alternative to create a Blog alongside the Scrolls was so obvious 😄

But that is the power of hindsight.

So welcome to the new blog!


So much Love,


💚 Marta


✨ Open up to all Possibilities and Miracles in Source Frequency ⭐ Cosmic Storyteller ⭐ Vegan Animal Healer ⭐ #Ascension First Wave #Starseed #Lightworker

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