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Bringers of the New


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What great news to wake up to in the morning after my visualization for self and all.

It seems that a sparrow has been sleeping here everyday. So cute!
My Heart just melted.

When she/he sees people coming closer, then he goes about his business and flies away and that’s why it was difficult to see.
Now I understand why I hear a bird singing nearby sometimes, which always makes me smile. I guess we have a new guest here, just in time for the cold. I think they choose their home in warmer weather because that’s when I started hearing her/him.

There is no greater feeling than supporting All Life in some way.

Keep the vibration of your land high and it can be a refugee for those seeking a high vibrational bubble – a Sacred Site.

Birds are the bringers of seeds, the New, and Blessings.

I remember an intense dimensional shift that had many birds arrive in the bamboo field behind our backyard and they started singing really loud.

Animals are rejoicing in the New Light.

Breathe, and be blessed by the energies of the Sparrow collective.




💚 Marta


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