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BE the energy

Remove the energetic resonance by clearing any harm towards all Sentient Beings. Dream, act, speak, think, expect, intend, imagine, and Be the energy of Love and Peace. Make sure that the images in your mind and the feelings in your Heart shift you into a dimension of Love. Moment to moment choices will change your vibration, your life, then your field of influence, and eventually, the Planet.

I was awoken with the inner and outer Source speaking in linear form.

We are reminded that even the time to Choose eventually comes to an end. All that has happened in this highest of frequencies of 2020 – although chaotic and painful at times – had many purposes, one of them was so we could integrate polarity.
Mostly negatively polarized, Humanity had the chance to purge our shadow.
Although that may not look pretty in the physical realm, it is necessary, as we know from our individual Dark Nights, lived some time ago. We were grounding this purging for All Life by going through it first but Wayshowers also already created and can tap into what comes after: healing, bliss, Creativity, empowerment, Joy, and our ultimate goal: Love.
Shadows don’t exist in dimensions of Love and we are not taking what was with us.

The old ways were completely corrupted with everything having been infiltrated, it can’t be fair or allow Love in. Love entered anyway through the and dismantled all that wasn’t It.

We can disconnect to not be pulled down with it and support the Heart-centered, those people who INspire us, who share the truth, Loving products, and Soulutions. HUmanitarian, Vegan, Environmentalist brands, small businesses/dreams already exist or are being built. They are also the physicalization of New Earth as it is being Created in the Heart of the Loving first.

We are the gateway.

It starts with our dreams, feelings, imagination, thoughts, actions, and vibrations.
We also have many New Ray children, teens, and adults who consume less and care more for the planet.

All are getting into place.

I am INspired to bring back a Vision seen in October 2019 – probably around another 10/10 when Source showed me a golden clarion with a red scarf tied to it, blowing with the wind against a beautiful, blue sky.
Suddenly my Consciousness was taken to the Omniverse where the clarion call was sounding everywhere, calling All Souls to get on the Heart Path of benevolence, kindness, generosity, harmlessness, reverence, empathy (or Love). But also, remember that the call will eventually come to an end.

Gratitude and Blessings,


💚 Marta


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