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Update on the Lion’s Gate latest Scroll

Dear Friends,

What an incredible 88 that was. It made me forget to add something from the Scrolls that may be important to more of the Ascending.

Source has been showing me Visions repeatedly of 2020 in imagery form. I saw the time until now as being an overall phase and that through the Lion’s Gate, we enter a new period where things (in the lower dimensions) will get wilder.
But the 10/10, 11/11 and 12/12 always have the potential to shift realities and we can only imagine what this year will bring, although expectations – like beliefs – are lens and can block what these gateways are going to bring.

So if it has been difficult to not focus on what crumble before, know that the show that they are putting off may become even more dramatic and the Heart-centered and Ascending are called to keep to their Path.
Remember that what we focus on can hook onto us, enter our realities, our bodies, and shift our timeline. We must be the stronger energy to anything that is heartless around us.
That’s why Starseeds were born into the most low-frequency bloodlines, environments and sometimes, provinces or cities.

We didn’t Volunteer to watch but to Create.
When we watch and take their bates, we fuel them.
When we use the Sacred Imagination, Feelings and Knowing to See a pristine Earth with happy People and free Animals, we are Creating Paradise Earth.

I Love to check uplifting news of New Earth Pioneers doing good in the world, as well as heartwarming stories. I quit google and chrome and on a browser called Brave, I use Duck Duck Go to search for the keywords ‘good’ or ‘positive news’. There is also ‘faith in humanity restored’. This is my favorite real news site.

One of my few entertainments has been watching Elephant sanctuaries, and calming videos in general as I know how powerful my Energy is so I choose what I am fueling. There is always a Creative way to up level our habits and hobbies.

That’s one of the ways that those on the Heart Path are stirring this ship now. Be mindful that each one of us has the influence of millions of people asleep.
We came here for this time.

The time for Mastery has come.
But we are never alone.


© Marta Sasai 2020. All Rights Reserved.

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