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88 Lion’s Gate

Dear Friends,

There is a reason why the Spring Equinox and then Solstice’s energies brought increasing challenges for us to stay centered and in the Heart.

The clearings have amplified. What could pass by in 2019 is now impossible not to see in 2020. We’ve been going through endless activations.

We are being cracked open so the Love can come in and out.

Overlays – such as Ancestral patterns of scarcity, feelings of rejection, low self-worth, etc – and blockages from Parallel Lives and Soul Journeys cannot go beyond this 88 gateway. So we have been purging a lot, forgiving and dealing with ‘stuff’ almost non-stop.

The cleansing happens almost daily now, you are not alone in your suffering or challenge.
Blaming ourselves, worrying that we are being left behind or appalled when we find deeper layers of ego doesn’t help.
It is what it is and there is no judgment.
Judgment is a misaligned as well as an artificial fear matrix trap. It slows our Ascension.
And ego is created from fear and pain, so we don’t even notice this shadow identity overtaking our energy, over many years, as we all suffered on this planet. There is nothing wrong with it but we must bring the awareness that will melt it away.

Relax in the knowledge that you are doing the best that you can. The true Spiritual Path is not easy at all.

If some guru is projecting that or if you have been shamed, it’s time to disconnect from the false light of these teachings, groups, etc. Many have been overtaken.
The path away from outside validation, hive and herd mentality is available for those who have Courage.
There is only what is true for you. We are moving into a time where we become our own Guides, more and more.
Deal only what is in your immediate Field of Influence, from moment to moment.

If you are the one who has been cut off, process that fully and have the uttermost Love for yourself, then realize how lucky you were that you won’t carry anything that didn’t resonate with you anymore. Sometimes we give too much in a relationship, without realizing that the other is only taking, or that they already checked out. It is beneficial to take inventory of our relationships, as well as everything that we keep in our lives moving forward.
We are re-learning how to live in the organic Universe again, where we can’t just keep giving until we are drained. Everyone has access to Life Force now and Lightworkers can stop sacrificing.

In the past, we were spreading our Light as much as we could, so as we kept giving and giving freely, feeling always drained, in a bad-mood, hurt, lonely, devalued, invisible, struggling financially, etc, it was like people took us for granted.

Call your energy back to you. It was meant to ‘stick’ to the old system to bring them down. We’ve done it, now put up the boundaries.

The fear matrix had a particular program just for Lightworkers that is still ongoing if we don’t look within, and that is to cause division amongst us.
We need to come together and help each other in any way that we can, in forgiveness, understanding, and Unity, not just to talk about it.
Many Starseeds retreated because of this.
They gave up on their Mission, and it’s totally understandable why they did it. Giving up is a thought that may come up, from time to time.
If people helped or inspired us in any way, we need to support them back so they are empowered and able to continue.

Our patterns may now drown or bury us within them. Awareness is important.
Things are so wobbly not because they are getting worse but because what’s of a lower frequency is being shaken off. It is actually, a good thing in terms of Ascension.

Our Souls do not want things to go back to ‘normal’, even if the ego or wounded Human levels may be saying so. That world ceases to exist and it was an inverted, anti-Love matrix. All of its systems, beliefs, traditions, practices, teachings and ways were designed to destroy our Soul.
It was always unsustainable to treat each other, the animals, and Mother Nature in the way that we were doing. Now we are seeing the collapse of that.

Over and over, Natural Laws have been showing that we were not meant to feed upon other Souls, it brings us diseases, such as the mad-cow, the current challenge and countless others. Feeding upon trauma and fear also digresses the DNA and we feel all that the Animals went through, no matter how sensitive we are or not.
We also learned how unbalanced the land becomes if we just keep consuming our planet. We were not born to be consumers and just buy things.
We need very little.
Bliss is within.
If we listen to Nature and just observe, we realize that everything is connected.

Those who learned can find the way forward, aligned with Love and Universal Laws.
Being out of alignment is becoming increasingly painful and it won’t be possible for much longer.

It’s not because the illusions amplify now that they are more real. They are still illusions. Focusing on them will allow the parasites to hook onto you as the great division continues. Be Sovereign. You are Free. Be self-sustained and siphon no energy from any other Soul. That is bringing increasing backlash.

Stay in your own lane, in the Heart. Focus on your Mission.
Forgive yourself when you wander. It is hard right now.
We are also practicing and being prepared to Become much more than we are.

When we were little, we fell and got up so we could learn how to walk.

Love and Forgive. Forgive and Love.

We have a unique opportunity to advance and let go of everything of the old Era if we are in this incarnated form. Wishing that we were somewhere else when from higher levels we actually chose to be here is another consciousness trap. Ground in the now, in this life and not in outcomes.

The Ascending are Pioneers of the New Creation Light, even benevolent ETs and Light Beings are learning from you. Don’t worship them. Benevolent and advanced Beings want nothing from you. Pay attention to how these Guides feel energetically in your body. Trust yourself.

The time for preparation is coming to an end. It is hard because we are reaching the time for Mastery.

For those in the Heart Path, help is more available than ever. There have been lots of ETs, Light Beings, Guardians, Guides, Ancestral and Parallel Lives’ contacts this year.

We have infinite support to squeeze through this portal.

Energize your wishes and dreams today, for Self and All.
Happy Lions Gate!



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