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Ancestral Healing with the Shambalans

For us to go higher, we have to crack open even deeper layers and remove what is holding us down.
Recently, I was contacted by new Guides from parallel lives and ancestors of this lifestream.
I am sharing with you the Ancestral Healing work.
In this ceremony, I guide you through a healing with the Shambalans (these are not guides or new to me, but they rarely contact us).



Open the possibilities for ancestral healing and send them Love. They really need it as we reach liberation and step into a higher realm.
This may be painful work or bring up things that may surprise. These have been intensive and emotional days to me as they’ve been waiting for me to do this job.
By helping the Ancestors to release, you will eventually or immediately feel a palpable shift within and in your physical reality. Problems, suffering and blockages that you couldn’t move through may suddenly disappear. This is sort of a safety mechanism so no one is left behind. We can’t move forward if we forget our Ancestors, I’ve learned.
It is up to each Ancestral Soul to do their work on their evolution, but the removal of heavy patterns was something forgotten by Earth Souls so they kept leaving trauma unsolved to the next generations. The Starseeds came here to do the work, as well as many other things.
We are the Starseed generation that can remember, so this work is being asked of many of us.
Two of my immediate Ancestors: my Grandfather and Aunt were so intensively attacked by the matrix, they couldn’t catch a break to remember and do this work – or what they were on Earth to do, even though they were high-level Light Beings. We are blessed to be the generation that lives in such a higher vibration and to be alive during this Shift.
PS: I kept describing the Visions I was picking up from the Shambalan People but I do not mean that being a fruitarian is healthy for our current stage. They are already Ascended People of a 6th density level, and they actually don’t need to eat anymore.
I am not a fruitarian and don’t know if only eating fruits is beneficial.
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