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How polarized emotions and reactions drains us of Life Force ~ Find a better way of living

Dear friends,
When feeling the high of happiness or excitement for too long, we tend to give our energy away by focusing on the outside or go unconscious with busy work until we are depleted.

When we allow ourselves to fall to the other polarity and remain in sadness, anger, judgment, and lower patterns, we tend to focus on problems and amplify them, on what’s wrong with the world or ourselves.
They are each an entire other dimension of being. In one we only see the ‘positive’ while in the other, chaos, pain or problems is all that we perceive.

In polarity, there is always suffering.
If we allow ourselves to go up, we will ALWAYS come back down.
There is a better way to live.
Zero-point neutrality means calm, peace, stillness and breathing. It is to choose the closest state to Source frequency. It is such a high state of Love that you allow most things so they don’t get blocked. You don’t judge or impose your will on other Souls, you don’t worry much and just allow All to be.
That’s the state of true Guides and advanced Star People. They seem detached or cold but the truth is that they love us very much.
According to Universal Laws, we generate enough Life Force by living a truly Loving life. That means that one must be completely harmless towards all Living Beings and in Service to others (not sacrifice).
Only the Heart-centered are energy generators. That’s why the ego-based are parasitic in nature, trying to siphon their energy from other people, animals and even the elementals.
With the new Heart-based grid around Earth, we must learn now more than ever how to generate and maintain the integrity of our own Energy as the siphoning and any inhumane practices are bringing increasing backlashes.
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