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Energy Mastery

When we are self-aware and remain as Pure Presence at every moment, miracles and possibilities are open to us. Shifts begin at each moment, they are not to be planned for tomorrow or Monday – that’s a consciousness trap.

By stopping to breathe and reset your reality, you are learning Mastery.

The higher dimensional Beings such as the Angelics, Star People or Light Beings didn’t just achieve that state overnight. They reached their Mastery through eons of stillness and by going within.

The best thing we can do for the world now is to align ourselves and to focus on Love, upliftment, Creativity, SOULutions, and things of a higher frequency.

If we focus on the lower energies, we are ‘infected’ by it.

We all receive back what we Created and Energized until it’s all that permeates our reality because energy only amplifies.





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