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My multi-dimensional Vegan story

This topic has been on my list of videos for a long time, it felt so good to record it 🙌😆
We have been receiving Creative Energies every other day since we reconnected back to the organic Universe, it feels like.
In the video:
  • My journey on discovering the biggest trauma and fear healing practice: Veganism.
  • A multi-dimensional and spiritual perspective on this barbarism that is ending on Earth.
  • I tracked back multi-dimensionally and energetically for the reason why we were feeding upon sentient Beings on Earth and found it was for the purpose of black magic.
  • The galactic meaning of black magic.
  • Bread crumbs, the signs that Source and our Higher Levels leaves for us so we know what our Life Purpose is.
  • Animal intuition, feelings, and Consciousness.
  • And more.
Lyrans, Pleiadians, and many advanced ETs (close to our density) that still eat for fun or for nourishment do not eat Sentient Beings or anything that comes out of them, like pus dairy, or fetus eggs.
Since 2019, I saw an energetic explosion in the expansion of the SOULution for our Little Sisters and Brothers: Veganism.
Feeding upon the energies of another Soul’s trauma, suffering, fear, and even anger mutates DNA and hinders Ascension, healing, and we digress as a Soul. As do any harm to others.
Ascension is about Love.
Obviously, Love is harmless.
A few Vegans to help you to become healthy, high vibrational and practical in your kitchen:
Whole Foods & Raw Food healthy mix:
I’ve found Heather’s videos in 2011 when I was eating terribly so if someone has helped me to realize how much toxicity I was ingesting, and how to easily eat better it was her. I didn’t know for example, that you can’t heat flax seed oil.
Anastasia from Kind Earth is also an advanced spiritual person. I think she was the first person I’ve ever heard of who went Vegan overnight like I did.
There are many others but these people are great examples.
Not to mention that Vegan recipes, food and methods only continues to multiply since 2019. You’ll surely find those you resonate with.
Blessings and evolution,
© Marta Sasai 2020. All Rights Reserved.
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