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Energy Update: Creational Fire

Hi! This has been going on for a while and now that I ‘understand’ it a little better it is exciting and tough at the same time. 

It is exciting because it’s a bolt of life and creativity.

It is tough when it starts to burn everything not aligned and the clearing is intense and deep. 

Source showed me more information on this so I’ll attempt to describe this ‘Fire’ first.

If you are an INspirer, a New Earth Leader, a WayShower or Pioneer of some kind, then you need lots of CREATivity and ideas.

You may be going about your day and this energetic FIRE may suddenly shoot through you, warming you from within and your physical Heart may start palpitating.

That’s when I heard ‘Creational Fire’ and the understanding that I should grab my journal or a note app and start to write down all ideas, no matter if they seemed important or doable.

This article will be linked to a Scroll, the ‘Harmful energies in mainstream videos’ which hit me right after I received this fire energy that will help you to navigate the illusion and how to clear when you are suddenly attacked with these energies. 

I don’t understand this fully (and don’t have to as the role of the Darkworker is over and the matrix is crumbling) but we may want to continue to focus on the uplifting and Now Moment Awareness because there are minor attempts at sabotage when there are new incoming energies. Nothing to fear, keep rising above that constantly. 

Those in the Heart are having increased sovereignty over their reality again like the time before we came to Earth. I became aware of this in October 2019 and wrote about it in the old blog.

Breathe and choose better. 

There is a free Instagram post where I share how to do this, a lesson that my Higher Self taught me the last time I visited a 3D, low-vibrational environment. 

This Fire is two-fold, it will help you burn what is holding you back and it will keep coming periodically if you are a Beacon of some sort. I just got hit with It again and will play with ideas right after writing this and then go dream.

I constantly go back into feeling and imagining Paradise Earth as if it is here already – because it is, at the same time – and because of that resonance I see many signs of it coming about.

After we are hit with this Fire, there is also a High Heart expansion, a feeling that used to be common to me until my 16 when I had to begin to fall in Consciousness to be able to relate and understand the Human mission. It is a feeling that All Possibilities and Miracles are here.

I was already trying to live an Ascended Life back then in the 90s but the attacks were so overwhelming, I couldn’t. It wasn’t the time. By trying to manifest the New I probably shone like a beacon, attracting all sorts of unwanted attention.

That’s why I feel so at home in this higher frequency of 2020, this feels closer to normal to me and it’s only the beginning. The lower frequencies of those decades ago always felt wrong to me as most of the Omniverse is actually Loving. What we see on old Earth is what is abnormal.

It is also a Creative energy – something that all on Earth could benefit from – on a planet that was so drained of organic Life Force that many of us have been copying each other or waiting for permission before doing things. This is understandable as we’ve been severely punished when ‘stepping out of line’, even if many do not realize that’s what was happening.

When we are not Creating, grief (so-called depression) and other energy blocks set in. We are supposed to be expressing ourselves, that’s one of the reasons why Source split Itself into countless Fractals.

This is also coming because we are about to Create the new world – Source is telling me just now – so we are receiving all the Higher Support that we can get.

‘Every new moment and every new day is an entirely new timeline and lifetime now.’ ~ Source.

We must drop everything we knew in the fear matrix and old Earth to recondition ourselves to create from zero-point (as we did in the higher realms) over and over until we fully learn how to live in this New Earth. ~ From the latest Newsletter sent out yesterday. Subscribe to receive Source’s messages, Ascension Updates & more.





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    Hi Marta! It’s Skysurfer from Instagram. This resonates so much. I get the exact same messages from source. This is happening. It sounded like a fairy tale but everything we’ve been saying is taking place. Oh and yes, ever since October last year, I got mildly depressed very suddenly and only just came out of it in the last month. Perhaps it was the necessary burning of the old?? Wow.

    • Marta


      I am SO glad the thick of it has been removed for you. I remember October, it was very cleansing and only higher energies continues to arrive.
      I resonate with the word burning, I’ve been going through a lot of that lately.
      Big hugs to you and yours.

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