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How to cleanse emotional energy

After processing your feelings and the inner energies that must go, think
‘It’s all right. It’s getting better.’
so you begin to come back into zero-point centeredness.

I was processing some debris (triggered by a song he liked) of the fact that my father was an Earth Soul who committed to support me as a complete alien to Earth who never knew how to survive in density and barbarism.

He was completely swallowed by the strong energies – manifested by the personality and entities – of my ex-mom. By the end, he joined with her in the hatred until I had no option but to choose my sanity (and even survival). He changed a lot and was so overtaken that even his eyes had shifted.

These felt like the last tears shed on this subject and I haven’t felt anything on this for years, so I think this is it. After I wiped the dust in my basement, Source INspired me with the words on the quote and I started to come back up.

Integrate polarity so you don’t go up and down anymore. After that, you just have to remember to come back to the center after clearings so you don’t fall into depression. Remember that whatever we focus on, grows.

Trust that you can heal from anything.
And tell your Spiritual Support and Source to help you clear, align and give them full permission to do all that is necessary for you to step higher as you go to sleep.
From our HUman perspective, we don’t know all that is necessary for the next step so surrender and courage are important Christed values throughout Ascension.

After purgings, our Heart is battered a bit and there will be empty energetic spaces that we must fill with the higher and uplifting. It is a time of great vulnerability, that’s why the Universe gives us time alone and outgoing energies also triggers the people around us, not only incoming energies.

I am child-like again, the next morning.
I don’t have an ‘inner child’ anymore because she is always out and fully integrated. When we keep ourselves divided into ‘parts’ there will always be insecurities in between these ‘sub selves’. I see them with my inner vision as ‘The Void’ in between. I’ve seen these spaces within most HUmans I met. These are the spaces where our energy is siphoned from and from where we are feeling great suffering. We want to reach wholeness and integration, not divided into parts. That’s how we find authenticity and our Energy is sealed.

Because I am a child-adult, I don’t feel ‘my’ age and haven’t been afraid of getting ‘old’ since I was a teenager.

Keep doing the inner work and one day you’ll have nothing to purge. Those were just lower energies (patterns, implants, etc) necessary to live on 3D.
You can shed all of that skin and become your True Self who was always healed, Loving, Joyful and in Service (not sacrifice).


PS: I’ve published a Scroll on the Lyran Star Reboot, a great tool for Rebirth. They are stepping higher and we are filling the void.
An Ascension Update with recent experiences with the dark and energetic tips will be up soon.

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