Travel to the Higher Realms, bringing All Possibilities & Miracles into your physical reality…

… And become Multi Dimensional!


Hi, I am Marta and this is a sacred space, a retreat where you can experience BEing One With the Source again after prolonged Separation.




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You’ve been through suffering and problems (energy blocks).

It is not easy to deprogram All beliefs and start (not restart) anew but that’s the opportunity that 2020 and beyond brings for those who choose it.

We reached an energetic space we’ve never been to before.

You didn’t find this Higher Energetic Space by accident.



This online Sacred Space and Its Services are designed to help you to remain Peaceful and Balanced (high vibrational) and getting used to the higher realms, as well as incorporating Energies that never been on Earth before.

My greatest wish since I was 4 was that all Life on Earth healed and were allowed to just BE as they want, that our world returned into alignment with Source and Love, going beyond any prophecy ever told. I’ve been working multidimensionally on that goal to this day.

I knew it was coming.


I can see that Paradise Earth is already here.

With focus and a healed Heart, you can tap into it to see it too.


Let’s Co-Create Paradise Earth together.

Thank you for incarnating on this planet. You are very courageous and deserve all the Joy and Abundance in your life.


✨ ‘You are never, EVER alone’ ~ is something that Source tells me often and it is offered to all of us. ✨

It’s time to remember that when we get into alignment with Source by being Loving, harmless and in Service, we can all talk to the One who Created us.


Love and Gratitude,

🔹 Marta 🔹


Thank you for supporting the Animals and this mission.




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