The Scrolls



A safe, Source Field space where Truth is shared as It returns to Earth – recommended for those who healed and are not polarized.
Use your discernment and Free Will.

There are techniques to support you to flow with the New Light that is changing everything, as well as crumbling what is not Love.

Cosmic Ascension and behind the veil news, heads up, and Visions.

Authentic shares on my journey as I open my Lightworker journal to you. This was something I needed in the past. I understand the multiple reasons why it is hard for sensitives to open up in a world where many judge others. I share myself, however, so others realize they are not alone as the Ascending live very different lives.

Connect the dots on Old Earth through seeing the big picture so you can come to terms with it and move ahead, as well as a lot of information for First Wavers, neutralizing and transmuting our very traumatic first life. This seems to be something I am receiving constantly lately.

Come to terms with the Original Separation, unifying All that you are. I’ve been taking a ‘course’ on that too, ‘upstairs’.

Remember Universal and Energetic Laws.

Meet other worlds and beings.

Remember how to Create from higher realms.

We feel Loved and relieved when we meet others who are like us.

Members may share with me or with others whatever they’d like, as well as ask questions and I’ll do my best to support you or at least share a perspective. Comment below the Scrolls when you want to share with others or you may contact me directly.

Scrolls contain the New Light and multidimensional support on your focus on the New Energy, to your Creations, and the return to the Child-like Consciousness, so you open up to All Possibilities & Miracles.
Yeshua already said that those with the Heart of a Child would be the ones to enter Paradise Earth.
Learn how to live in magic again.

In me, you will find an unconditionally Loving and non-judgmental friend who can hold a great Sacred Space for you to feel truly seen and heard.

There is much that you can read in just one month and see if it is a fit for you, as well as take a break, or come back at any time. There are no ‘ought to’, ‘shoulds’, or obligations in this New Earth space.
If you never fit in the barbaric system, this may be the place for you as you were ahead of your ‘time’.

Expression is a healing mechanism and we’ve been blocked from doing it so Source Co-Created with me this home away from Home. Find a small dimension of Paradise frequencies to recharge before ‘being of the world’ again.

May you find the Family you’ve been looking for.

Lightworkers and Starseeds, heal, rise, and shine!


Source is coming through. Love won.

Gratitude and magic,


🌠 Marta

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