A Source Energy-filled hub for the Service to Others and Soul-Centered wanderer. 

Open up to all possibilities, as the God Source incarnate that You are.


✡️ This space is consecrated to the One True God Source and Universal Laws, grounding Harmlessness on Earth. This is a safe Sanctuary for Heart-leading interactions, non-judgment, respect, and reverence for all Souls/Sentient Beings.

I AM One with God, Serving the Laws and the Truth above all.

Spiritual Leaders and Teachers are not saviors – nor is anyone – and can now send any projected burdens beyond the dimensions, back to the Source Field for transmutation.

Starseed Volunteers are liberated from maintaining the door open for Humanity, returning to expect nothing less than the same gratitude, reverence, Love and all that they give others, in fair energy exchange.

We now raise the boundaries and educate ourselves and Humanity on Universal Laws, long absent in a now freed quarantined planet and system.

To keep God’s Divine Order, a Leader or Head of a System needs to walk the Heart-Path, and the minimal foundation for Love is 100% Harmlessness. 

Without Harmlessness, Love has not been embodied. If it appears to be, it’s just a facade.


Here, we are both students and teachers, always, having an open Heart and Mind, to keep us humble and seeing things for what they truly are, especially, our own selves and what needs to evolve.

With the Cosmic Stories, other Beings honor us with teachings and unique Energies, however, they remind us that they are not saviors. We should never pray for Free Beings who are not part of our Spiritual Support to come and help us, but go directly to the God Source, through our inner Heart connection.

Some people are used as matrix agents to infiltrate Sacred Spaces. This can be detected and won’t be tolerated.

Many groups and systems get corrupted because Love and Evolution is missing, the leaders are not working on themselves, or are infiltrated by something else, like ego, greed, and more.

Love is quite tough when needed and will wash away all corruption, for the highest good of all, equally. A quality of Love is Courage. Those who don’t have Courage, cannot embody Love.

Silence, conservation of Energy, self-control and introspection are some of the options we have when feeling triggered. We can meditate or practice breathing before interacting with all Life in the world.

We must now come of age as a civilization and take responsibility for our Energies, Consciousness, Feelings and Choices.

Projected lower energies, are sent back to Source.


May all Beings be Free by turning away and disconnecting our precious Energy and Consciousness (attention, focus, money (agreement)) from anything that is not Love and 100% Harmless so we are not dragged down by them, or become vulnerable to harm in return due to the resonance and agreement that other Souls, People & Animals can suffer, or even be disturbed at any level, while supporting what and who are aligned with God and Love. This is the time to leave each Soul, incarnated or not, and in whatever species/template to just exist in peace as each is sorted into their frequency match or world and we must not cause others any added burden, as this phase is already challenging on us all and the price is high.

Let’s research what kind of energies we are consenting with, which are the frequencies that will influence our lives, and eventually, the eternity of our Soul.


Love & Balance! 


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