✨ Blessings ✨

Welcome on a journey to Wonder, INspiration, Truth & Wisdom.


Open up to All Possibilities and Miracles as is your Birthright. 

And become One With Source for Ascension.




A safe, Source Field space where Truth & the New Light is shared as It returns to Earth – recommended only for those who Ascended from polarity (healed themselves) and can tap into neutral dimensions.

Use your discernment and Free Will.


Brand new multidimensional techniques and retreats to support you to flow with the New Light that is changing everything.


Authentic shares as I open up my Starseed Journal. Cosmic Journeys, Ascension, behind the veil news, heads up, Visions, contact with Higher Beings, and physical life stuff too. I’ve been Expressing here more than I do in my own physical journal ☺️ – as I expand in Unity Consciousness. All that can be helpful to others wants to be shared now. 


Information that may activate and support you now but also beyond the veil. It is intended and designed to help your Soul.

It is important that we don’t live only for this identity and time alone but make our Soul Journey a priority. This has been almost completely forgotten on Earth, and it’s a great root cause of the collective ‘depression’. 


Why are these stories, or what other Starseeds brought, such sound, music, color, art, voice, memories, and the infinite ways of expression important in this New Era of Now?

Because they help you reunite all cosmic ‘parts’ of you that you left behind to ‘densify’ or take form on Earth. And they are also New Activations so you can step into what has never existed or been experienced on our planet before.


Connect the dots on Old Earth and see the big picture, so you can come to terms with it and move ahead, as well as a lot on First Wavers, neutralizing and transmuting our very traumatic earlier Missions.

Certain subjects are designed to shatter blocks of beliefs effortlessly once the Truth is revealed.


Come to terms with the Original Separation, unifying All that you are. I’ve been taking a ‘course’ on that too, ‘upstairs’.


Remember Universal and Energetic Laws.


Learn about other worlds and beings.


Remember how to Create from higher realms.


We feel Loved and relieved when we meet others who are like us and can quantum leap in our expansion as the Aquarian Age is about Unity.


Scrolls contain the New Light and multidimensional support on your focus on the New Energy, your Creations, Service Mission and the return to the Heart of a Child, for that’s how you Create.

Yeshua said that those with the Heart of a Child would be the ones to enter Paradise Earth.


Learn how to live in magic again.


Unique and brand new multidimensional techniques and practices.


In me, you will find an unconditionally Loving and non-judgmental friend who can hold a nurturing space for you to feel truly seen and heard.


Why is it important that you Express yourself, either in this space or another or through your Life Purpose (by writing, making videos, painting, etc)?

Because Expression is a healing mechanism and we’ve been blocked from doing it in this world, fearing judgment.

Source and I Co-Created this space as our home away from Home. Find a dimension of Paradise Frequencies to recharge before ‘being of the world’ again. As a member, you are receiving them all the time.


If you never fit in the barbaric system, this may be the place for you as you were ahead of your ‘time’, just accomplishing your Mission. There are ‘bubbles’ of Light BEing Created all over the world now where the Volunteers can finally feel familiar frequencies and breathe better. Can you feel it?


There is much that you can read, practice, learn, and InJoy in just one month to see if it is a fit for you. You can also take a break, or come back at any time. There are no ‘ought to’, ‘shoulds’, or obligations in any true Paradise Earth space.


This space is made as affordable as possible and you also support my Starseed Mission and the one with Animals, a role that is equally important to me, as an Ambassador.

Back up those who help or INspire you and get out of the earthly energetic debt, permeating everything. Turn away from everything that is below Love for an uplifting life in this New Era.



🌠 Multidimensional Energies compacted into practical tools for dimensional and consciousness shift



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🍃 High vibrational options are getting into place (with our support). I welcome friends focused on and Co-Creating the New





🌈 Inspiration, multidimensional retreats, classes and messages. Learn how to Harmonize your Energy, Shift Dimensions & more



✡️ Inspiration and a Higher Wisdom retreat to keep you in a high vibration



✨ When important shifts are reached but they are too short to make it to a Scroll, they will be posted on MeWe and Facebook for now



💖 Thank you for keeping Lightworkers going


Starseeds and Volunteers, heal, rise, shine the Love & the New!


Source is coming through. Love won, as it always does.


Gratitude, and magic,


🌠 Marta Sasai


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